In redesigning Quebec’s tourist guides, Oasis looked to the latest industry trends. Find out more about our approach and the stellar satisfaction ratings we’ve achieved.

A new visual platform that tourists love!

The data’s in and the news is good. The final report from the satisfaction survey on the Quebec’s official regional tourist guides carried out by ATR Associées du Québec—the province’s regional tourism associations—in early 2016 has been tabled, and the results speak for themselves.

In summer 2015, the tourism associations called on Oasis to do a complete visual redesign of the official tourist guide, a communication tool used by every regional tourist association in Quebec. The goal of the assignment was to identify an approach that would both reduce the size of the tourist guides and have a wow effect, all while ensuring the relevance and accuracy of the content.

To do so, Oasis looked to the latest tourism and design trends for ideas like these:

  1. Using a modern, uncluttered graphical approach to appeal to readers
  1. Placing more emphasis on large photos
  1. Reducing the amount of copy
  1. Reorganizing the space allocated for certain categories of ATR members
  1. Assessing the challenges of the ATRs and their members with regards to their positioning, visibility, and the implementation of strategies through the new graphic platform.

Positive feedback from users

Satisfaction with the new tourist guides is virtually unanimous.

  1. The new version of the official tourist guides received an average global satisfaction rating of 8.7/10.
  1. Over 97% of respondents said the tourist guide made them want to visit the region.
  1. Overall, more than 93% of respondents said that the information in the guides was thorough and complete.
  1. The condensed format of the official tourist guides is the preferred size.

By Claudia McNicoll