Rethinking the design and content of tourism guidebooks.

Quebec Guidebooks


Creating a contemporary new look for Quebec’s 21 tourism regions.

ATR Associées du Québec called on Oasis in 2014 for a complete graphic overhaul of its official tourist guide—a communication tool used by every regional tourism association in Quebec. The goal of the assignment was to identify an approach that would both reduce the size of the tourist guides and create a “wow” effect, all while ensuring the relevance and accuracy of the content.

Oasis created a cleaner design aimed at appealing to target audiences and made artistic choices such as selecting larger photos, minimizing text in key places, and reorganizing the space allocated for certain categories of ATR members.

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Issues & challenges

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry to meet client objectives and expectations.

This assignment was an exciting challenge for Oasis. It required detailed knowledge of consumer expectations as well as a thorough understanding of the various tourism regions’ objectives and constraints in highlighting their attractions and those of their members.

We had to strike the right balance between appealing to tourists with a more modern approach and meeting the specific objectives of the ATRs and their members.


97% of people who read the guides now want to visit the regions they describe.

A recent survey found that the new guidebooks have an average satisfaction rating of 8.7 out of 10. The redesign provides tourists with a streamlined guidebook that makes it easier to find information using the updated categories.

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