Making a splash with promotional concepts that resonate where they’re meant to.

"Unsuspected destination" Campaign


Marketing and evolution of the Tourisme Lanaudière brand!

Fall 2015 marked the debut of a new partnership relationship for us when we were asked to design Tourisme Lanaudière’s new ad campaign.

Since then, we’ve been tasked with developing niche TV commercials, microsites, and media plans, and more recently with redesigning Tourisme Lanaudière’s website together with the web agency Sigmund.

Issues & challenges

Creating a strong campaign theme that dovetails with the region’s current slogan.

Lanaudière is seen as a region located conveniently close to Montreal. The challenge was to position it as a destination in and of itself—a place where people could spend a lengthy vacation. When creating the new campaign theme, we took into consideration the realities of the region to effectively meet the goals of the assignment.


Right from the get go, the strategies and creative concepts we proposed charmed the client and regional stakeholders. The best is yet to come!

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