Showing non-skiers what it feels like to spend the day skiing with friends.

“Share the Fun" Campaign


Getting non-skiers in Quebec back on the slopes of Quebec’s 70 ski areas.

In 2011, the Quebec Ski Area Association hired Oasis to implement a five-year marketing plan accompanied by awareness campaigns aimed at turning Quebec non-skiers into snow sport enthusiasts. To do the job, we needed a communication strategy that would appeal to non-skiers, using versions of the campaign messages adapted to the target market.

Even though the 2015 objectives remained the same (attract skiers), the strategy evolved along with the available means. We continued to make efficient tactical choices to ensure the best results for our client. Tactics used in various campaigns since 2011 include strategic partnerships, relationship marketing strategies, social media and community management strategies, and video, advertising and web production.

In winter 2013, the agency rolled out an online campaign with three “passion” videos that celebrated, in cinematic style, the strong emotions winter sports elicit. This highly effective concept was used again in winter 2014.

In this project
Issues & challenges

Getting non-skiers excited about winter sports and convincing them to hit the slopes.

Although surveys show a number of obstacles stopping non-skiers from getting up the mountain, others show that people who do ski are huge enthusiasts with a real passion for the sport. So we launched a charm offensive to appeal to these raw emotions. Using a relatively small budget, Oasis juxtaposed people’s dislike for the cold with the fresh air of a sunny winter’s day, the fear of getting injured with the intoxicating thrill of the descent at any age, and the idea that it costs an arm and a leg with magical moments shared with near and dears.


A 7% increase in the number of Quebec winter sport enthusiasts.

The appeal to the emotions paid off: winter sport enthusiasts represented 15% of Quebec’s population in 2010, and 22% in 2015.

Video advertising

Fun to share with friends

Fun for the whole family

Fun to share, to escape

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