Joining forces to promote Quebec as a great ski destination in Ontario and the U.S.

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Developing strategies and executing integrated campaigns for an alliance of 17 leading Quebec ski industry players.

In the summer of 2007, we were tasked with setting up a new program to entice skiers from outside the province to come ski in Quebec. The result was Alliance Ski Québec, an initiative to bring together leading industry stakeholders: Ministère du Tourisme, ATR Associées du Québec, the Quebec Ski Area Association, Québec City Tourism, Tourisme Laurentides, Tourism Eastern Townships, Charlevoix Tourism, Tremblant, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Bromont, Le Massif de Charlevoix, Sutton, Mont-Saint-Sauveur, Mont Orford, Owl’s Head, and Stoneham.

Since then, we have been monitoring the industry in target markets, presenting strategic guidelines to partners, crafting organizing strategies for industry offerings, developing action plans, ensuring coordination between initiatives and stakeholders, handling media planning and buying, and overseeing all production.

Issues & challenges

Ensuring that offerings are positioned to meet consumer expectations and represent each partner well.

For nearly ten years, we have worked nimbly and collaboratively to maintain strong ties between partners. While the offerings are important for getting contributors on board, it also has to dovetail with what the target market wants. Our challenge has been to continually make sure that program initiatives are in line with these two priorities.


A 244% increase in conversions for partners in 2016.

Year after year, campaign performance and partner satisfaction with the program are consistently strong. Alliance Ski Québec has been a great success, and other strategic tourism partnerships in the province often cite the Alliance model as an example worth imitating.

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Social networks

For this project, Oasis developed a strategy to establish the presence of Québec Ski as a destination on various platforms.

Establishing Québec Ski as the voice of the destination proved crucial in adapting to target audience trends, habits, and behaviors. The agency developed a social media strategy and created accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, which they continue to manage.

The main goals so far have been to align social media activities with the program strategy, develop and engage the ski community, and work together to complement campaign partner initiatives on their respective platforms.

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