A comprehensive program to enhance the skiing and overall mountain experience.

Ski Québec City-Charlevoix


The Oasis team was selected to implement a joint merchandising program with the Mont-Sainte-Anne, Ski Stoneham, and Le Massif ski resorts and with Québec City Tourism, Charlevoix Tourism, and various accommodation providers to promote the Ski Québec/Charlevoix destination.

Our challenge was to position the destination, develop marketing strategies, coordinate program sales and operations processes, and launch and monitor campaigns.

Our experience with similar partnership programs combined with our track record in implementing tourism industry marketing strategies and action plans helped make this project a huge success on all fronts right from year 1!

Issues & challenges

Implement a program to position and sell a multi-region, multi-resort product.

We rose to the challenge by coordinating links and networking between partners while simultaneously implementing—in record time—program branding, high impact creative work, a multi-platform ad campaign, and a website in synch with travel trends. We also orchestrated the media launch (PR) and a ticketing service allowing hotels to sell ski passes on a state-of-the-art transactional platform to ensure conversion.


We generated a lot of partner interest in the first year and increased sales by over 30% in the second!

The quality and professionalism of our model attracted lots of accommodation partners from the get-go, with very encouraging results by the end of the first phase. Thanks in part to an earlier start to the campaign in year two, the program really took off with a 30% increase in sales over year one. In the coming years, the St. Lawrence Summits are sure to continue their climb up, up, up!

Video advertising



Social networks

Oasis had to develop an effective complementary approach to ensure a strong social media presence.

Saint Lawrence Summits knew social media was the way to go to show the public what it had to offer, but realized that dedicated accounts weren’t the best option. So Oasis proposed a two-fold strategy to the campaign partners.

We started by creating a presence where the partners didn’t have one before, then produced campaign-specific content that campaign partners could post on their own platforms.

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