Busting the "perceived temperature" myth and encouraging new skiers.

“Give Skiing a Try!” Campaign


Getting Quebecers onto—or back onto—skis and debunking sensationalized weather reports.

The Quebec Ski Area Association first called on Oasis back in 2011 to rekindle people’s passion for skiing. Since then, a number of promotional campaigns have been created to promote winter sports and encourage new skiers. For 2015–2016 campaign, the goal was to develop an original, attention-getting “360 degree” communication strategy to reach targets and convert prospective skiers.

At the same time, Oasis needed a strategy to counteract sensationalized weather reports. This is a real issue for the ski industry, and our objective was to let Quebecers know that despite all the talk about wind chill on the news, the on-slope experience isn’t negative or chilling, but rather a real rush!

With the help of spokesperson Patrice Bélanger—a TV personality unafraid to look winter in the face—we kicked off the 360 degree campaign, creating a contest, designing an ad campaign, dreaming up a weather stunt, and orchestrating a series of PR, relationship marketing, and social media initiatives.

Issues & challenges

Highlighting the experience and the great feeling you get when you’re skiing.

Surveys show that 59% of skiers and 8% of potential skiers say they don’t like to ski when it’s too cold. On the other hand, they’re keen to share memorable moments with family, friends, and loved ones, and they enjoy the fun and excitement of skiing. With today’s gear and clothing, it’s easy to keep the cold at bay. Simple and fun messages reminded people of all the reasons to get out and enjoy winter.


More skiers on the slopes in Quebec.

Work by the Oasis team and our client ASSQ to appeal to non-skiers is bearing fruit, with a 7% increase in the number of skiers in 2015! There was real buzz about the campaign messages and we saw a net increase in visits to the website and other Quebec ski area websites over the years.

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