Effective strategies and memorable campaigns earn Charlevoix a special place in people’s hearts & minds.

Charlevoix campaigns


Develop and roll out summer and winter campaign strategies to create top-of-mind awareness for the destination in target markets.

Over the past decade, Tourisme Charlevoix has turned to us no less than 18 times to develop strategies and roll out seasonal campaigns. We’ve enthusiastically and methodically embraced each and every one of those assignments, putting an effective strategy in place to position the destination, mobilize financial partners, and coordinate art direction, production, and media strategy and planning.

Issues & challenges

Position Charlevoix as a destination while at the same time providing multiple campaign partners with optimized visibility plans to achieve their objectives.

Along with the typical challenges that awareness campaigns present—i.e., making the destination a go-to choice for people planning vacations— our team also had to cater to a wide variety of partners. One of the objectives was to encourage tourism association members to maintain or even increase their investments in the campaigns so that everyone would benefit in the end.


From one seasonal campaign to another, we saw steady performance growth for nine years!

Our team achieved this performance growth by continually tweaking strategies, taking a rigorous collaborative approach with all our partners, providing agile consulting services, and designing strategy and media plans to optimize available budgets. A recent IPSOS survey of Quebecers who travel in Quebec named Charlevoix as the top destination in terms of awareness and travel intentions. This was a point of pride for us because we’ve been working tirelessly all these years to achieve that specific objective.

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