Reinventing the Tourisme Lanaudière website so that it reflects the beauty of the region.

Tourisme Lanaudière website


Designing and developing a new website that dovetails with the latest Internet and tourism trends.

In March 2016, Tourisme Lanaudière tasked the consortium that Oasis belongs to with designing and developing a new website. In addition to providing full functionality with respect to maintenance, daily updates, seasonal changes and performance indicator analysis, the new site must take into account the travel decision cycle (before, during, and after trip), and be designed to support (in phase two) the launch of an internet trip strategy.

Issues & challenges

Create an organized and effective web platform for a complex online ecosystem.

One of the characteristics of Tourisme Lanaudière’s web presence is the complexity of its online ecosystem. Visitors to will find a series of sites and microsites that showcase specific tourism components the region has to offer. However, Tourisme Lanaudière also maintains websites under a different domain that serve as a portal to other regional offerings. This overlap needs to be rethought for the new website.

This ecosystem quirk presents a challenge for Oasis in figuring out how to develop the new website and organize information.


A large-scale project is in the works.

The first templates we presented to the client captured the spirit of the association and met their needs, so we made full use of them to get the project up and running.

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