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Oasis… a source of inspiration.

Oasis… a source of inspiration.

We’re committed to providing services with a human face and delivering the ultimate in human achievement.

The player’s bench

Dedicated, friendly, talented… the Oasis team are your foundation and anchor point...

Benoit Renaud


As founder and CEO of Oasis, Benoit acts as the agency’s lead marketing and tourism business development specialist as well as its chief strategist.

In the course of the past 20 years, Benoit’s studies in administration and communication led him from agency work to the tourism field, including a stint as marketing director at Charlevoix Tourism.

A keen observer of national and international trends in tourism, sports, and entertainment marketing, Benoit has led numerous projects for organizations and companies across Quebec. He has sat on strategic committees and developed various marketing plans and programs, drawing on this experience to develop the collaborative approach that has made Oasis so successful on assignments involving multiple partners.

Alain Brochu


As vice-president of strategy and senior strategist at Oasis, Alain also serves as a specialist in marketing and tourism business development.

Alain’s education in marketing and hotel management, his experience, and his extensive knowledge in the fields of tourism and entertainment make him a real asset to the agency.

His past work with organizations such as Cavalia, Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (SEPAQ), and Tremblant Resort (Intrawest) as vice-president of sales, marketing, and communications gave Alain the opportunity to develop strategic alignments and manage high-caliber teams in marketing, sales, strategic partnership and communications. His skills, combined with his positive leadership and pride in a job well done, make him an invaluable resource for the agency’s clients.

Claudia Mc Nicoll


Claudia has worked for Oasis since 2010 as an account manager and puts her keen sense of management to work to participate in the company’s development.

Claudia’s academic background in administration and marketing, as well as her experience working in marketing research and project management make her a valuable asset. Having studied administration, marketing and accounting, she brings rigor and discipline to the job. In recent years, she has worked as Oasis project manager on major accounts for organizations such as Ski Québec-Charlevoix, Charlevoix Tourism, Société des Attractions Touristiques du Québec, Alliance Ski Québec (Ministère du Tourisme du Québec), the Québec Ski Area Association, and ATR Associées du Québec.

Noémie Steben-Roy

Noémie Steben-Roy Account manager

Account manager at Oasis, Noémie is a communications buff.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in public communications with an advertising concentration from Université Laval. During her studies, Noémie became involved in the Jeux de la communication games, where she excelled as a delegate in the “Event Creation” trial. She has a wealth of valuable experiences, having volunteered for Festif 2016 and SOCOM, for which she continues to volunteer. Flexible, organized, independent, and driven, Noémie thrives on new challenges and exciting projects, so she’s a perfect fit for Oasis!

Éliane  Brochu

Éliane Brochu Coordinator

Éliane, who recently joined our team, got her degree in Communications specialized in Public relations at Université Laval in 2014.

In the past few years, she acquired her knowledge by working on different projects related to sports events, such as, the Rogers Cup Tournament and the Montreal Canadiens games at the Bell Center.

Her realizations in the past few years contribute to her excellent comprehension of the public relations dynamics as well as her keen sense of organization, all of which she uses for every project she works on.

Michèle Rochette

Michèle Rochette Financial controller

At Oasis, Michèle is in charge of the administration, and she does it with panache! She worked a lot in the community sphere during her career so she quickly understood the specificities of agencies and adapted easily to the pace of the marketing world.

With over 10 years of working with the complete accounting cycle, numbers don’t have any more secret for Michèle! Since her arrival, she demonstrated her strong control over her records, ensuring effective follow-up to meet her goals and targets. Michèle has more than 30 years of experience in customer service, and this is clearly reflected in the time she takes to tend to the needs of our clients and collaborators. We’re very lucky to have her with us and we would never want to go without her!

Hugo J.-S. Galland

Hugo J.-S. Galland Vice president, creative

As VP creative, Hugo orchestrates the creative product of the agency.

From Kronenbourg to Éduc alcool, not to mention the SAQ, Health Canada, Cora, Yuzu, Opto-réseau, Wawanesa, Toyota and SOS conjugal violence, Hugo has contributed to the growth of major brands both in Quebec and nationally. Certainly, awards are good for the ego and experience reassures everyone (clients included). But frankly, in this profession, it’s popping the cork on our collective creativity (clients included) and finding out what bubbles up that’s the most rewarding. To do this, you have to be able to reinvent yourself, and welcome starting from zero and not accepting reflexive responses on every project. For Hugo, talent is great but means nothing without a lot of sweat. He recently found out that, in the tourist industry, to get people to the mountains he had to think differently. So he decided to move the mountains to the people. More details? Let’s talk.

Yan Larivière

Yan Larivière Artistic director

Yan has over 20 years of experience in art direction, advertising, and graphic design.

Creativity runs deep in Yan’s blood. He spearheaded an impressive variety of projects during his years at agencies like Cossette, where he worked as creative director for Blitz, the agency’s direct marketing and promotions division. Yan has a eye for picking creative and design concepts that deliver the goods and are always in line with clients’ objectives. He keeps up with all the latest trends in graphic design and is known for his inventive touch.

Sarah-Maude Fréchette

Sarah-Maude Fréchette Artistic director

Sarah-Maude draws her inspiration from her clients and collaborators. She is a dedicated and multitalented team player.

With a technical diploma in multimedia integration and a BA in graphic design from Laval University, Sarah-Maude has honed her design skills and given her creative side plenty of room to flourish.

Sarah-Maude has developed a particular affinity for graphic design, specifically web design, and is an occasional photographer. She is efficient, meticulous, and in tune with the issues involved in her various projects—qualities that are greatly appreciated by all.

Thomas Patry

Thomas Patry Content Creator

It’s after a 4-month internship among us last summer that Thomas was welcomed to the team as our new content creator. Having learned a lot on social media marketing, photography and filmmaking, he’s now properly equipped to start his professional career.

Finishing up his degree in Communication at Université Laval, this young filmmaker quickly proved himself and his talents are now essential to the success of many projects. From copywriting to filming and editing videos, he’s an asset that we couldn’t dispense from anymore. Thomas also spent his last winter as an intern among the Marketing team at Le Massif de Charlevoix. He was thus predisposed to work in the world of skiing and tourism. His camera always at hand, he’s always ready to capture the greatest moments for Oasis!

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